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Anna Kuschnarowa born in 1975, studied Egyptology, prehistoric archaeology and German language and literature in Leipzig, Halle and Bremen. She taught Egyptian at the Leipzig University, but is now working as freelance author and photographer.


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Kerstin Michaelis Lizenzen/ Foreign Rights

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The Heart of Libertalia                    

A fulmanent historical novel about the longing for unlimited freedom. Powerfully eloquent, vivid and irresistible.

Ireland, 1690: Anne Bonny is born as a bastard and is raised by her father as a boy. The male clothing provides certain benefits, yet Anne wants to be herself. As a young woman, she is considered the “most attractive and provocative beauty” of all Charleston. But “marry one of these sweet talkers”? Never! Anne’s longing for freedom is too great, her dream of a wild life in the legendary pirates’ realm “Libertalia” too strong. Anne’s heart beats for the pirate captain, James Bonny – they elope and together go on a brutal raid through the Caribbean...  “And this pirate captain is a real scoundrel, alas, but a fair one. And he is a woman, and she is me. “

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Djihad Paradise                    

A fascinating and, at the same time, a disturbing novel about love and life shattered by radical religious delusion.

Berlin – Julian Engelmann, alias Abdel Jabbar Shahid, enters a shopping mall. He is wearing an explosive belt and is ready to destroy not just himself, but also the dirty “Kaffirs” ( the unbelievers). Just then someone calls his name. He stops for a moment and thinks Julia, his great love in the time before he went off to the terrorist camp and why, at some point, Julia turned away from him. Yet Julian is convinced of the rightness of his divine mission. Or isn’t he? It is too late for doubts...  “A fast-paced adolescent novel about seduction and disillusionment.” The best 7 books for young readers, German Radio about “Junk Girl”.    “You want to be different from the others? There’s no place where you can be more different than here. That’s the most radical, the most different in comparison with everything that we have known until now.”   • a controversial and current subject: Islamism • narrated from two perspectives • a novel about love that is destroyed by religious delusion

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Kinshasa Dreams

Topic: Fleeing from Africa to Europe• Thrilling drama with a touch of African mysticism• Authentic, suspending and intense - A rain storm rages over Kinshasa and Jengo’s superstitious grandmother sees the boy’s birth as a bad omen. Sixteen years later, Jengo is drawn to Europe via Eygpt in hopes of finding his mother and making his dream of becoming a boxer true. Romania, Austria, Germany – he is not allowed to stay anywhere for a longer period as an illegal alien, always driven by the fear of being discovered. Jengo immerses himself in the world of boxing and falls in love with a girl, only to flee again. In Paris an important boxing match could earn him the temporary right to stay – Jengo bets all his money on one horse and reveals his true identity...

A thrilling and stirring refugee story about a person between cultures and in search of himself.

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Junk Girl


Everything starts with Tara. Dazzling, wild, extraordinary Tara, who falls head over heels in love with plain Alissa. Alissa secretly slips into other clothes to be with Tara, starts to play hooky and argue with her parents and – takes drugs. Alissa experiences unknown heights, is enchanted, high and feels invincible. But soon the journey to the stars leads back to reality that is cold and hard. When Tara dies of an overdose of heroin, Alissa’s dream is over. She returns to her parent’s house and has to go to detox. Does she really want to leave her dream world?An overwhelming and dynamic novel that describes the tremendous force of intoxicating love, drugs and growing up.    

»Train spotting« meets »Alice in Wonderland« »A fast-paced youth novel about temptation and disillusionment.« On “Junkgirl”, which was picked as one of the 7 best books for young readers by Deutschlandfunk 

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Sommer of the shadows


I tell you, the 7th of July was the last good day in my life. The last good day, the last good evening – and in the night I was betrayed.«Jannik sets up a network for a group of friends that his friend Nele had introduced him to. The dubious paroles didn’t bother him at first. Jannik wins approval and proceeds to rise in the group’s hierarchy. He doesn’t realize how deeply involved he is in the right wing scene until it is too late. Afteran argument with the leader, Jannik’s life becomes hell. Nele turns away from him. Do the others mistrust him as well? His dog is killed, data on his computer are deleted and he has the feeling he is being followed … Jannik gets pulled deeper and deeper into the maelstrom of his fear. Soon he can’t tell reality from imagination. Who can he trust anymore?

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